Who We Are
We are all aware of the sad state of education in the country today. Schools and Colleges have become increasingly corporatized, with few paying attention to the quality of education and all- round development of the child. This leads to a yawning gap between what children should know and what they are taught in school. This is where we come in!

We at Rydberg Coaching Centre set up in Khadah, Kolkata West Bengal, understand that a school education these days rarely meets the standards of education demanded of students in today’s competitive world. With a poor school education, reaching the heights of success one is capable of becomes impossible. We at Rydberg Coaching Centre work to bridge this gap between the current standard of education and the expected standard of education.

We strive to be good students of teaching as teaching isn’t very different from learning. During the course of each and every day, we too learn from our wards, as much as they learn from us. We learn how to make our lessons sharper so that young and inquisitive minds can imbibe them faster and assimilate them into their lives.

Rydberg Coaching Centre also uses new and innovative methods of teaching, encouraging engagement from the students and making sessions lively and interactive. Our learning modules are wholesome, comprehensive and well-structured to meet the learning demands of the various age-groups of students. Since its inception, Rydberg Coaching Centre has grown by leaps and bounds, with its holistic and interactive approach to training being adopted by centres across the country. We strive to aid the students to perform well in various competitive exams with confidence and a thorough understanding of the subject. Our portal is not just for students but also for the various professional tutors who have a passion for teaching and encouraging all- round development in our students.
Why people choose us?
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